All About Pascall!

In Australia and New Zealand, any confection made from sugar or is high in sugar content is termed a "lolly" instead of the more typical candy. Some say it was derived from a contraction of lollipop! Totally makes sense.

Ever since 1932, PASCALL has been bringing New Zealanders some of their favourite lollies. From Pineapple Lumps to Jet Planes, Marshmallows to Minties and a whole lot more! The PASCALL range has something for all Kiwis.


Pascall products were first produced as a joint venture between the Cadbury Brothers and James Pascall at the Cadbury factory in Tasmania, Australia. In 1938, Pascall products commenced production in New Zealand. In 1981, Australian Pascall production moved from Tasmania to Melbourne. In New Zealand, most of the products produced by Pascall were made at their own factory in Avondale, Auckland until December 2009, when the factory was closed down and production moved to the Cadbury factory in Dunedin and to factories in Australia and Thailand.

What is the gelatine source?

The gelatine used in Pascall lollies is derived from Beef and it is halal certified.

Is the gelatine source vegetarian?

Unfortunately, the gelatine source is not vegetarian. It is animal derived, from beef.

Is Pascall Minties gluten free?

Pascall Minties is gluten free.

Pascall Minties is gluten free. If you are unsure you can always check the information panel on the back of the pack and it will always say what is included.

Pascal products have a lot of varieties and the most popular one is the Lolly Scramble. The Lolly Scramble's most attractive quality is the offering of various flavours in a single pack which gives you a more adventurous and exciting exploration of taste.

In New Zealand, an activity also called the "Lolly Scramble", can be commonly seen at children’s parties and during parades of special events. Someone will throw large amounts of candy into a crowd of children whom will rush to collect as many candies as they can. This of course will lead to many heads banging and tears falling but mostly there would be smiling faces all around.

To make the game more interesting, the lollies should be wrapped/concealed and should come in various of flavours and shapes. This is why Pascall's Lolly Scramble bag contains an assortment of wrapped lollies including Fruit Burst, Minties, Pascall Toffees, Licorice and Milk Shakes.

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